The Rare, ER's and ProtoTypes


Blockade Runner with box and manual

Chess - complete

Chip Shot Super Pro Golf - complete

Commando - complete


Fathom Very Hard to find Intellivision Cartridge

Happy Trails

Hover Force - box and manual

IceTrek - complete

the Jetson's Way with Words - complete

Joystick adapters for the INTV controllers

Kool-Aid Man Box Cover

Kool-Aid Man BACK Cover Large with good Detail

Learning Fun One with box and manual

Learning Fun Two with box and manual

Stadium Mud Buggies - Complete - Extremely Rare

Pole Position

Scooby Doo's Maze Chase - Box and Manual

Tropical Trouble with Box and Manual


Truckin' MAP part one

Truckin' MAP part two


VideoPlexer for the Intellivision
--Anyone have this version or the VideoPlexer?

Intellivision Entertainment Computer System
--Doesn't that Keyboard look just like the Aquarius??

Original Keyboard for the Intellivision

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