The Rare, ER's and ProtoTypes


ADAMS Demo Cartridge
(Original - not a copy release from Adam's House
Which is an Awesome source for Coleco Adam items!)

Roller on ColecoVision Controllers
-- It seems after some testing the Rollers were dropped,
but later showed up on the Super Action Controllers

ColecoVision's Prototype of the 2600 emulator,
--Quite different from the release

Another Roller Move on the Controller
-- Seems they didn't know what to do with that roller,
-- Also notice how the Driving Controller is DIFFERENT from the release

The Adam's Long awaited Disk Drive

The Adam's Comparison Charts against: C-64, TI, Atari 800, IBM, Apple

Dragonfire by Imagic

Expansion Module #2 the Driving Control for Turbo

Dukes of Hazzard uses the Driving Control Above

Fathom by Imagic

Flipper Slipper by Spectravideo

Frogger 2: Threedeep!

Gust Buster by Sunrise

It's Only Rock 'N Roll by Xonox
This game got bad reviews, BUT I kind of like playing this game!

Motocross Racer by Xonox

Mountain King released by Sunrise

Oil's Well by Sierra

Sector Alpha by Spectravideo

Sir Lancelot by Xonox

Slurpy by Xonox

Super Cobra by Parker Bros.

Super Cross Force by Spectravideo

Tomarc the Barbarian by Xonox

Word Feud by Xonox

Zenji by Activision

ColecoVision's Time Runner, never released

ColecoVision's Globe Grabber, never released

ColecoVision's Scraper Caper, never released

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