The Rare, ER's and ProtoTypes

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C-64/Vic-20 Extremely Rare Cartridges

The Commodore C264 computer

The Commodore C264's Features

The Commodore V364 computer

Commodore Dust Cover

Castle Hassle by Roklan

Here is my Castle Hassle by Roklan
and a screen shot of it.


COMAL 80 Cartridge and Manual

COMAL 80 Cartridge Close-up

Here is my Diamond Mine by Roklan
and a screen shot of it.

Frogger 2: Threedeep!


Here is my Rack'em UP! by Roklan
and a screen shot of it.

Spartan - Upradesa C64 to an Apple II-plus

VideoPlexer for the Vic-20
--Plug 10 cartridges into your Vic-20 at one time, and select them with a press of a button

Video Poster

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