The Rare, ER's and ProtoTypes

ATARI 2600

The 32 Games Cartirdge, No Other info on the Cartridge
Anyone Know more about this one? It uses the toggles on the front to select the games

Bobby Geht Nach Hause aka: Bobby Is Going Home

Breakout The Rare Orange Label variety

Activision Pre-Releases, End label scan

Activision Pre-Releases Plain orange fronts

Atari 2600 Keyboard design and information

SpectraVideo CompuMate, Personal Computer for the Atari 2600
- I believe this was released in a test market, but not nation wide

Close-up of the CompuMate by SpectraVideo
-- This had 16k built-in ROM, 2k Built-in ROM, Built-in Microsoft Basic
-- 10 Color Paint program, 2 octaves and 2 Channel Music

CrossFire by SpectraVision (Never Released)??

Custer's Revenge Adult Cartridge

Larger Scan more detail of Custer's Revenge
This Cartirdge got pulled from many selves because of the Rape of American Indians theme

Death Trap by Avalon Hill

The hard to find Flight Commander Control for Spitfire

Gameline Play 2600 games over the phone
- Play your Atari 2600 games over the phone line with friends, What a great idea!!

Gas Hog by Spectravideo, SUPER HARD to Find!!

Hercules by XONOX, was this ever released????

The Incredible Hulk Prototype screen shot

Box scan of 'the Incredible Hulk'

The JoyBoard by Amiga for the 2600 game 'Mogul Manic'

King Kong by Tigervision

Kung-FU Master by HES

Laser Volley Rip-off/Copy of Laser Gate

Lockjaw by Apollo, Renamed to Shark Attack , because of Legal reasons

The Lord of the Rings: Journey to Riverdell
-- This was never released, but appearred in catalogs

Box scan of 'The Lord of the Rings'

Marine Wars This one is Getting VERY Hard to find!!

Master Builder by SpectraVideo, The front is Fading

Great Close-up of my MindLink's ROM (Rare Prototype!)

These MindLink scans were taken with a Digital Camera, so you will notice a flash/glair

MindLink's Opening screen shot

MindLink screen shot, Not much on this one, Maybe this was a calibration screen?

MindLink's screen shot, of the Breakout game you controlled with your mind

MindLink prototype, Use your mind to control games

MindLink Brochure text, very interesting

The Music Machine cart in color, One of the Rariest 2600 carts

Ocean City Defender Rip-off/Copy of Atlantis

Off Your Rocker Prototype from Amiga

PhantomPanzer Pal, I could find any Info on this one!!

Sexy Cartridge Illustration, (Sears-Poker Plus)

The Power System by Amiga
-- 3 games in one, including 3-D Ghost Attack, 3-D Havoc, 3-D Genesis

RAMBO 5556 Built in Games in one 2600 machine, COOL!

Romex Master console for the 2600 carts
-- This had a built in monitor, to program or copy those romex cartridges

RomScanner for the 2600, VERY NICE!!
-- This is like a Videoplexer only looks alot COOLer

One of the Harder Xonox Combos to Find, Spikes Peak/Artillery Duel

A Very Different Starship Cartridge by Atari

Strahlen der Teufelsvogel PAL Cartridge

These Surf's Up scans were taken with a Digital Camera, so you will notice a flash/glair
I was unable to scan the ROM, since the cartridge was glued shut
and I didn't want to destroy the case

Surfs Ups Cartridge Scan (ONE OF FIVE KNOWN TO EXIST)

Surfs Ups Opening Screen Shot

Surf's Up Select Screen - You could choose: Malibu, Santa Cruz, or Waimea

Surf's Up Surfing Screen, You are the Blob thing at the bottom left

Surf's Up Surfing with Sharks, the game also has Jelly Fish and Sting rays, Or I think that's what they are!

Surf's Up Wipe-Out Screen

All Four SwordQuest Boxes, LOW Quality, Hope to find better soon

SwordQuest: WaterWorld by HES

The one and only Tempest Cartridge for the 2600 (Credit to 'Ultimate Gamer' Magazine)

First View of the game play for the 2600 TEMPEST

More game playng action Tempest for the 2600,

Intro Screen of Tempest for the 2600

One last screen of Tempest for the 2600

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Very hard to find with a Label

Tooth Protector Never sold in Stores. Extremely Rare

Turbo for the 2600 (ever see this one before?)

Up'n Down by Sega, (Harder Sega Cart to Find)

Winter Games by HES

X-MAN Extremely RARE Cartridge,

X-Man Box Art - This was an ADULT title

VideoPlexer for the 2600
-- Holds 10 carts, and you select the one you want, GREAT for lazy people

VSS Programming VCS Cartridges

Wings for the 2600, included the Booster-Grip

Remote-Control Cynex Game-Mate, Joysticks
--Seems that no remote control sticks made it, they where just TOO BIG, see for yourself.

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