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TWENTY Screen Savers

Screen Savers by Steverd

These are ALL Full Versions, No nags or limitations
each one below, previously sold for $2.99 - $6.99 EACH!


Fully adjustable settings
Easy to install and remove
Now the CD can AUTO-START
when you place in your CD Drive
Works with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000

FULL Version Screensavers
No nags or limitations

Thumbnail Previews

Click the name below for a preview of each screen saver

African Violets 60 images
Autumn Scenes 42 images
Birds 66 images
Coral Reef Vol. #1 60+ images
Coral Reef Vol. #2 69 images
Coral Reef Vol. #3 50 images
Clouds 30+ images
Farms 42 images
Japanese Gardens 27 images
Lakes 35+ images
Mountains 38 images
Orchids Vol. #1 74 images
Orchids Vol. #2 77 images
Roses Vol. #1 50 images
Roses Vol. #2 51 images
Snow Scenes 30 images
Spring Flowers/font 65 images
Summer Flowers 53 images
Sunsets 40 images
Waterfalls 125 images

The Coral Reef series are images
from the Ocean and my Saltwater Aquariums
They are of Fish, Corals, Invertebrates, etc.

ALL Images are copyrighted and my not be used without permission, credit, and compensation

Just "Point and Click" to install

- Fully adjustable settings
- Fit Larger images to screen size
- Fit all images to screen size
- Or leave image at original size
Image sizes vary, but are mostly 800x600 and 1200x900

Adjust time each image is shown from 1 - 120 seconds
Shuffle images
Use Transition Effects
Adjust Effect Speed
Turn on/off different effects
(there are no sounds in these screensavers)
All screensavers are still images nothing moves

Easy to install and remove
Works with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP

Below are the control screen for the screensavers

click to enlarge

Download these DEMOS

African Violet Vol #1

Coral Reef Vol #1

Coral Reef Vol #2

Orchids Vol #1

Orchids Vol #2




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