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Can a Peke be house broken?

- a dog is never too old to learn potty training
- NEVER hit your dog if he has an accident (It's YOUR fault for not taking him/her outside sooner)
- NEVER correct you dog for an accident unless you catch him in the act
- NEVER Rub your dogs nose in the mistake (This method doesn't work, and only confuses the dog)
- A Peke less than 5 or 6 months can NOT hold his bladder longer than a few hours (it's not the dogs fault he had accident while you were gone for 8 hours)
- Confinement has worked the BEST for us and our dogs (If your dogs roam the house while you are gone and they have accidents, try confining them in a spot, like the kitchen. You might be surprised that your dog will not go on the kitchen floor. They would rather go potty on some absorbent like carpet.

By far the BEST book I've read on the subject is
Potty Training is Possible by Vicki Smith
This is sold by Petsmart for $4.99

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