Intellivision Overlays

Adv. Dung & Dragon Adv. Dung & Dragon: TARMIN Armour Battle
Astro Blast (2 Varieties) Atlantis Auto Racing - Var. #1
Auto Racing - Var. #2 B-17 Bomber Backgammon
Different Backgammon Baseball (2 Varieties) Basketball
Beauty & the Beast Beamrider Blockage Runner
Bomb Squad Blowling Boxing
Bump'n'Jump BurgerTime Buzz Bomber
Championship Tennis Checkers Chess
Demon Attack Diner (*) Dracula
DragonFire Dreadnaught Factor Fathom
Football Frog Bog Frogger (*)
Golf Happy Trails Hockey
Horse Racing Hover Force (*) Ice Trek
Jetsons Kool-Aid Man Las Vegas Poker and BJ
LV:Poker/BJ (variation)** Lock 'n' Chase Loco-motion
Master of the Unv: Heman Math Fun Melody Blaster
Mind Strike MicroSurgeon (LT/RT) Mission X
MotoCross Mr. Basic (3 Diff. Overlays) Nova Blast
Night Stalker Pinball Pitfall
Poker Popeye (*) Reversi
River Raid Roulette Royal Dealer
SafeCracker Scooby Doo Sea Battle
Sewer Sam Shark! Shark! Sharp Shot
Skiing Snafu Soccer
Space Armada Space Battle Space Hawk
Space Spartans Stampede Star Strike
Star Wars: ESB (*) Sub Hunt Swords & Serpents
Tennis Triple Action TRON: Deadly Discs
TRON: Maze-A-Tron TRON: Solar Sailor Truckin
Utopia Vectron White Water
Word Fun WorldChamp. Baseball World Cup Soccer
W.S. Baseball (left) W.S. Baseball (right) Worm Whopper

Attached Overlays: Joined side-by-side
Buzz Bombers

(*) - Are Overlays that were not released for the INTV
They are designed by collectors
Diner designed by Steve at INTV Funhouse
Hover Force made by James Carter
(**) The LV:Poker/BJ variation:
The overlay is missing the word 'CARD' after the ONE

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