Classic Cartridges Price Guides

Digital Press "Classic Videogames Collectors Guide, Third Edition"
(Edition 'FIVE' is already out, and it's over 300 Pages!!)
This was about 125 Pages long, and the only Good guide for a long time.

Digital Press "Classic Videogames Collectors Guide, 4th Edition"
Now almost 200 pages and more systems. This edition switched over
to a RARITY Guide instead of prices!
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JerryG's "Guide to Classic Videogames" BETA ONE release
This 'Beta' Release was about 135 Pages of great information, It included many different
cartridges that the Digital Press left out, including Label Varieties. The Prices listed are
MUCH MORE realistic, that the Digital Press Giude. The Next release of this guide should
be something everyone should get, that collects old videogames. E-Mail JerryG

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