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I hope that everybody will like it, It took me many months just trying 
to find information of anykind about hidden games, EGM & Gamepro 
magazines really helped me to find this much informations.

             Welcome to the FAQ about "HIDDEN GAMES"

                       TABLE OF CONTENTS
                  0.0) Just these few words...
                  1.0) New Infos
                  2.0) Hidden Games List
                  2.5) Bonus & Loading Games List
                  3.0) Credits


0.0) Just these few words...
Hiya to everybody !!

Some of you must be asking "Why a Hidden Games F.A.Q. ??". Well it's 
really simple to why i'm writing this FAQ, first to know which games
has a hidden game or games within the cartridge or CD.

Second, i found these tricks to be the most enjoyable of them all
because it reveals a new game that you didn't know that existed !!
Just think about it, 2 games (or more) for the price of one.

And Third, to let everybody know since many of you are asking and
have not been answered because you're still waiting an answer from
a video game magazine or whatever...

So, enjoy now your new found games !!!


1.0) New Infos

** ROMUALD LINE made a translation of this FAQ in French + info 
   for a Bonus Game in Gates of Zendocon (Lynx) and a Hidden Game 
   in Chip's Challenge for the Lynx **

** I did a research on Alta Vista for Hidden Games, in less then
   30 minutes, i have found 16 new Hidden Games !! They are for:
   - Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Genesis)
   - Namco Museum Vol.4 (PSX)
   - Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64)
   - Contra:Legacy of War (PSX & Saturn)
   - Defcon 5 (PSX)
   - Pit Fighter (Genesis)
   - 3-D baseball (PSX)
   - Muhammed Ali's Heavyweight Boxing (Genesis)
   - Nascar Racing (PSX)
   - Lunar:Silver Star (PSX)
   - Philosoma (PSX)
   - Pit Ball (PSX)
   - Vectorman (Genesis)
   - Tetrishere (N64)
   - F1 Roc II:Race of Champions (Snes)
   - Dark Savior (Saturn)

** 'kaptain' send me a Bonus Game for Pokemon **

** Thomas Ertresvåg told me about a Hidden Game in Wario Land 2 for
   the Game Boy Color. ** 


2.0) Hidden Games List:

3-D Basaball - Playstation ( ?? )
Press and hold R1+Circle while the game is loading. Then, when the CD's are
going across the screen, press and Up, Left, Down, and Right. If a character
appears at the bottom of the screen, you'll get a hidden game during the
next load time.

Air Combat - Playstation (???)
First, hold down "R1 and CIRCLE" buttons before the "Now Loading" 
screen before each missions or when you start a new game. You'll see
an "starship" icon in the down-left corner of the screen. After seeing
the icon, press "Up, Left, Down, Right".

Arnold Palmer Golf - Genesis (Fantazy Zone)
Putt 100 times on a hole to see a screen from Fantasy Zone when 
the game is over. Now press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, 
Right, B, A. You can now play a limited game of "Fantasy Zone" 
until you reset the game.

Asteroids - Playstation (Classic Asteroids)
To play the classic game, go through the first mission until level 15.
Once on this level, continue to play until you see a green vector 
asteroid. Shoot it to unlock the hidden game. Afterthat, finish level
15 and save it. When you'll begin a new game, you will be able to play
the classic version.

Ballblazer Champions - Playstation (Original Ballblazer)
*** Anybody knows how to access the hidden game ??? ***

Battlezone 2000 - Atari Lynx (advanced version of Battlezone)
When you're on the tank configuration screen (the one with the red
flashing bars), press OPTION1 three times and then press restart. This

Here's the comment of Russell Fults: Battlezone 2000 note from Rob 
Nicholson, who I think was the programmer of the game: BattleZone 2000 
was a very deep, large game but Atari testers thought it too hard. So 
we were going to throw away the whole solid 3D section. Instead, we've 
hidden it. This must be one of the biggest easter eggs in history.

Black Hole Assault - Sega CD (Black Ball Assault)
Play the game with your name entered as "AZY". A two-player 
Pong-like game called Black Ball Assault then comes up.

Bravoman - TurboGrafx (Bravo Kombat)
At the title screen, alternate pressing the Select button and button 2
over again and again until a new screen appears. Then press any button
to scrollthrough the message and the list of the 14 Bosses will appears.
Select anyone with button 1.

Chip's Challenge - Lynx (Mandelbrot)
For exploring 

Pour explorer la fractale de Mandelbrot entrez le code du niveau : MAND.
Cette fonction demande de nombreux calculs, aussi soyez patient. Attendez 
que l'écran soit dessiné. Ensuite il est possible de déplacer un rectangle 
dans l'image pour agrandir cette partie avec A ( B fait l'inverse ). 
OPTION 2 donne des couleurs changeantes. PAUSE affiche les paramètres, et 
permet de remettre des valeurs.

Clockwork Knight 2 - Saturn (7 Mini-Games !!)
At the BOSSES GALORE screen, press Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, 
Down, Left, Left, X, Y, X. Or try this other combinason: Right,
Up, Left, Up, Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, Right, Left, Down.

Contra:Legacy of War - Playstation ( ?? )
Hidden Game #1: L2, L1, Left, Right, R1, R2 
Hidden Game #2: R2, R1, Right, Left, L1, L2 

Contra:Legacy of War - Saturn ( ?? )
Hidden Game #1- press y,down,up,L,R,left
Hidden Game #2- press y,down,up,L,R,right.

Cosmic Carnage - Sega 32X (Cyber Brawl)
At the "Licensed by SEGA" screen, hold X + B + Z, then press Start. 

Dark Savior - Sega Saturn (Love Love Mini Racer)
To play "Love Love Mini Racer", try to find the big box-like shape in 
the middle of one of the rooms on the ship. Start game in parallel 3 
and go back down to the room with the game machine.  

Defcon 5 - PlayStation ( ?? )
Go to any VOS terminal in the defense station, and enter the "Communications" 
area. Go to "Local Communications" and when you see a message saying that 
that option is unavailable, push TRIANGLE. The hidden game should then come up.

Defender 2000 - Jaguar (Plazma Pong)
All codes entered on high score entry screen (any play mode). Enter the
code "NOLAN" ("Perfect" confirms)and Plazma Pong is added to the list.

Dig Dug - Intellivision (Deadly Dogs)
To play "Deadly Dogs", press 4 + 7 simultaneously on both hand control-
lers and press reset. The game of TRON Deadly Discs will be shown, 
except the enemy warriors will be "Burgertime's" Hot Dogs. The Reco-
gnizer will also send out milk-shakes to close the doors.

Duke Nukem 3D - Sega Saturn (Death Tank Zwei)
Load one time the game with a game save of EXHUMED/1999/POWERSLAVE or QUAKE 
in the memory. "DEATH TANK" will appear on the main menu. If you haven't got 
EXHUMED/1999/POWERSLAVE or QUAKE, you can get DEATH TANK Zwei if you shoot and 
destroy EVERY toilet and urinals in the game (except the giant one at 
stage AREA 51) and finish the game. The hidden game should then appear. 
But there's a catch, you have to be at least 2 players to play this game

ESPN National Hockey Night - Genesis (2 Pong Games !!)
Octopong: At the setup screen, press A, C, B, Up, Right, Up for an enhanced 
version of the classic pong.

Pong: At the setup screen, press B, C, C, C, Up, Down for a classic game 
of Pong.

Note: Entering these codes produces a sound, but doesn't seem to do 
anything. Can someone tell us what we're missing?

F1 Roc 2:Race the Champions - Super Nintendo (Shooter Game)
Hidden Game #1:At the title screen, press X, X, X, X, Y, Y on Controller Two. 
Hidden Game #2:At the title screen, press Y, Y, Y, Y, X, X on Controller Two.

Fighters Megamix - Sega Saturn (Patience Card game)
Complete all the One-Player courses except the last one. Now gain over
a 1000 "OKs" on the Training Mode, go back to the One-Player game and
select the final course using the "Top Left Button". Now enjoy the card
game !!

Galactic Pinball - Virtual Boy ("Cosmic Shamus")
Play the board called "Cosmic." If you can work your ball into the upper-
right area with the bumpers and start the "Bumper Clash," then destroy 
all those bumpers with your ball, a bonus stage will start. The now-famous 
'S'-symbol appears in the area where the bumpers were, and a voice says 
"Let's go, Samus!!" Your ball turns into Samus' ship, and you shoot des-
cending metroids and other space nasties, Galaga-style, as the Super 
Metroid theme plays in the background!! 

Game & Watch Gallery 2 - Game Boy ("ball" game)
To get the "Ball" game, you'll have to earn 15 stars. To get a star, you 
must earn 200 points in a game. You can get a maximum of 5 stars for each 
game. After getting 15 stars, you will be able to play the "Ball" game. 

Game Boy Camera - Game Boy (Run, Run, Run)
Play "Space Fever" until all the bosses are eliminated. A congratu-
lation screen will appear. After that, let yourself die and restart
a new game. Shoot the interrogation sign in the middle of the screen.

Ganbare Goemon 4 - SNES (Time Pilot '95)
If you finished the game with 100% clear, you can play Time Pilot '95.

Gates of Thunder:3-in-1 Super CD - TurboGrafx (Bomberman)
At the title screen where you can choose one of the 3 games, 
press Up, Right, Down, Left, II. You will hear a chime, and 
wait about one or two seconds and voila !!

Keio: Flying Squadron - Sega CD (Super Catch Game)
For a game of Super Catch, try this. At the Title Screen, press 
Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up, Down, Up.

Loadstar - Sega CD (Mort Pong)
For a game of Mort Pong, wait for Mort (the yelllow ball-face) to 
appear and pause the game. While paused, press C, A, Left, Left, 
A, C, A, Left, Left, A.

Lotus II - Genesis (Centipede)
For a rousing game of Centipede, enter your name as "POD PLEASE".

Lunar:Silver Star (Making of) - PSX (Lords of Lunar)
You can get this Hidden game in the "Making of Lunar" extra CD. When 
you see a man drawing a picture, right at the beginning, press: Up, 
Down, Left, Right, Triangle, and Start. Then a screen appears and say
"Lords of Lunar", after click on the "Start the Game" button. 

Master System Console - Sega Master System (Snail Maze)
Built-in Game
The original model of the Sega Master System has a built-in maze 
game. Your goal is to guide a small snail through a series of 
different levels. Not much play value, but it's a nice extra.

If you own an original model SMS without a built-in game.
Turn on your SMS and wait for the instruction screen to appear. 
Hold Up and press 1 + 2 on Controller One.

If you own an original model SMS with a built in game (the Canadian 
version, for example.) Hold Up + 1 + 2 on Controller One, then turn 
on the Master System. Hold these buttons until the maze screen appears.

Megalomania - EURO-Megadrive (Sinistar)
Please go see "TYRANTS" for the trick since it's the same game!!

Mesopotamia - PC Engine (a Shooter Game)
Please go see "SOMER ASSAULT" for the trick since it's the same game!!

Muhammed Ali's Heavyweight Boxing - Sega Genesis (Pod)
To play, go to the player-name screen, change Player 1's name to 
"POD PLEASE," and press Button B.

Mortal Kombat III - Genesis (Galaxian & Pong MK4)
Enter the code:P1(6-4-2), P2(4-6-8) on the Vs. screen. 
Pong MK4:
Enter the code:P1(3-0-3), P2(6-0-6) on the Vs. screen. 

Mortal Kombat III - Playstation (Galaxian)
Enter the code:P1(6-4-2), P2(4-6-8) on the Vs. screen. 

Mortal Kombat Trilogy - Nintendo 64 ( ?? )
Fight 100 consecutive 2-player battles or enter this code: 642-468

Namco Musuem Vol.4 - Playstation (Assault Plus)
Go into the museum and from the information booth, go right and up the stairs. 
Now, turn to the left and you will see a room next to the game rooms called the 
X-Room. Go into this room and hold L1+L2+R1+R2+Up simultaneously. With these 
held, press triangle. You will hear a sound and the room will flash white for 
a second.

To the right of the dark room will be a woman with green clothes. Stand in front 
of her and press X. She wlil then disappear and you will be left with the 
pedestal in the middle of the room and the words "Assault Plus" flashing above it. 
Access the pedestal and the arcade game will be the new Assault Plus game!

Nascar Racing - Playstation (Tron Game)
To access the tron game, wait until the Papyrus logo fades out and 
then press the Start button quickly and repetedly on the second controller. 
If the Cinema continues to play, then the code is wrong. The hidden game 
should apper instantly, if entered correctly.

Out of This World - 3DO (Stalactites)
To play a hidden Break-Out-style game called "Stalactites," 
enter the following password: BRGR

Philosoma - Playstation (Phalanx)
Press and hold Start and Select on controller 2 while the game is loading. 

Pit Ball - Playstation ( ?? )
To play the hidden game, enter the FMV test where the list of endings 
are. On any FMV, press Square & Circle. It may not work the first few 
times, but it does work.

Pit Fighter - Genesis (Mercy)
Two players can now compete in a game of "Mercy". Press the "A" button 
when the title screen appears and go to the Options screen. From there, 
choose "Practice" mode and then choose your fighters. Once in the arena, 
move your fighters to stand facing each other, then push "A + B" simul-
taneously on both controllers. Your fighters will be holding hands, 
trying to push each other down. The two players will have to push buttons 
"A", "B", and "C" rapidly and faster than each other in order to win. 
Whoever loses will fall and get a knockdown!

Pitfall: the Mayan Adventure - (Pitfall 2600)
  [For the 32X, Sega CD and Sega Genesis]

To play, wait for the title screen, and then press "Down" and 
press "A" 26 times, then press "Down" again.

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure - Super Nintendo (Pitfall 2600)
To play, press Select, A, A, A, A, A, A, Select, Start on the 
title screen.

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure - Jaguar (Pitfall 2600)
To play, select "Info" on the title screen and press "C" 
26 times followed by "Down".

Powerslave - Saturn (Death Tank)
At the Controller Config screen, swap buttons X with Z, 
A with C and L with R. Return to the main menu and you'll 
have a new option called "DEATH TANK."

Red Zone - Genesis (Asteroids)
To play Asteroids, enter the password A, B, C, A, C, A, C, B, C, A, C.

Rayman - Jaguar (Breakout variant)
Type at the title screen, during the walking hands, enter this code:
sequence "1,3,6,4". 

Shanghai - Master System (Concentration)
At the title screen, press the Pause button at least ten times, 
and then start the game. Select "Game" at the top of the screen.  
When the menu appears, choose "Start Solitaire." When the next menu
is displayed, go to the prompt that lets you load the stored patterns.

From the stored patterns sub-screen, move to "Secret Game".
In this hidden contest, all of the tiles are face down and you must
select 2 tiles that match to remove them.

Slime World - Lynx (Zit Popper)
It can be played by going to the summary screens and then going 
to the screen where Todd is pictured green. Press Option 1 and 
you'll see a zit. Blow it up by hitting the buttons as fast as 
you can. This also works in multi-player mode where it becomes 
a competition against your opponent.

Somer Assault - TurboGrafx (a Shooter Game)
At the "sound test" menu, press SELECT, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, 
Right, Left, Right, II, I. You'll enter a bizarre screen that flashes 
the color red, and you can alter the brightness and flashing rate by 
pressing the SELECT button to switch between the two. At the flashing 
red screen, press II, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, 
II, I.  This puts you into a shootem-up game. Move with you control 
pad, and button II-shoots, and button I-releases a smart bomb.

Spider-Man - Game Gear & Master System (Pac-Man)
For a secret game of Pacman, with Spidey as the main man and Venom as 
the ghosts, start by playing a game in Nightmare mode. Now, when you're 
on Electro's level - and you've just collected the key, drop down the 
left side of the screen. You'll see a small Game Gear on your way down. 
Land on it and go back to Peter's room. You'll now have an option to 
start the hidden game.

Tetrisphere - N64 (Lines)
Enter the name LINES to play a hidden game. Once in the game, you have to 
remove a big enough area from the core of the ball for your friend to
escape. You can remove pieces by lining up three in a horizontal or vertical

TNN Motor Sports Hardcore 4x4 - Playstation (Roids)
At the select-race screen, choose Time Trial, then select Start Race.
Access the Edit Names screen and enter the name DUTCHMAN. Return to the
main menu and select Credits to discover "Roids". 

Tyrants - Genesis (Sinistar)
From the Options menu, choose "Load/Save" and enter "JOOLS" 
as your password. This will bring up the arcade game Sinistar. 
While playing, press "B" to shoot and "C" to fire Sinibombs.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Genesis (Galaga)
To play Galaga, go into killer kodes and enter this code: 642-468.

Vectorman - Genesis (Collect letters ??)
When the Sega logo appears shoot it 24 times then hit it with your head using
the blasters on your feet 12 times. A hidden game will begin. If you collect
at least 90 letters you will warp to day 5 and if you get at least 110 letters
you will warp to day 10.

Wario Land II - Game Boy Color (Ball)
There is a secret Game & Watch Hidden Game called "Ball". to get access,
you have to complete everything in the game (get all the treasures and 
picture pieces, and complete all the stages). So get on your GBC's and
try to get that game! 

Warrior of Rome II - Genesis (Tug of War)
Start a new game, when you see the selection the selection window,
got to the Load Data line and position the cursor to the far right.
With Controller pad 2, press and hold the START button while on
Controller pad 1, push the "A" button.

Way of the Warrior - 3DO (Space Combat)
The trick to play the hidden space game is much easier to do with 
two people. At the character-select screen, pick a character on 
Controller Two and simultaneously press and hold down A, B, and C, 
while holding Down-Toward on the directional pad. Then press II 
while continuing to hold down all the buttons. On Controller One, 
simultaneously press and hold Buttons L and R, Up-Away on the 
directional pad, and press II. The screen will vanish, and a spaceship 
appears. Player One must press II again to join in the game.

X-Band - Genesis (Fish Pong, Blockade & Maze)
Fish Pong: Press "Up, Up, Up, Up, Right, B" at the main menu.
Maze: Press "Up, Up, Down" at the call-up screen. For a longer 
maze, press "Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, C" at the main menu.
Blockade: Press "Up, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right, button L a the 
main 6-buttons screen.

Zarlor Mercenary - Atari Lynx (Life game)
On the character select screen, hold down OPTION 1, press the joypad UP,

Zero Divide - Playstation (Tiny Phalanx)
Hold down "Start and Select" on the second controller while the game 
is loading, the words "Bonus Game" will appear. 


2.5) Bonus & Loading Games List:

Why a "Bonus & Loading Game" section...simple really !

Some peoples have sent me some of these kind of hidden games, well
they are more of a bonus than a hidden game since a way or the other,
you'll stumble on it during game play. Or it's a game that's help you
in you're game play. As for the loading games, it's pretty obvious !! 


Die Hard Arcade - Saturn (Deep Scan)
Just check on the menu, the more you shoot subs, the more credits you
got !! And now more cheat for this bonus game:

Extra Subs: At the main menu, hold "X+Y+Z" before selecting DEEP SCAN.
Keep holding down the 3 buttons, then when the game starts, you'll have
more subs. With this trick, the game will be way easy !!

Faster Subs: At the main menu, hold "X+Y+Z" and select DEEP SCAN. After
selecting DEEP SCAN, release the buttons.

Electrocop - Atari Lynx (3 Bonus Games)
In some computer terminals, you can play "Breakout", "Pong" or "a
Tetris Clone".

Final Fantasy - NES (Puzzle game)
If you press A+B 55 times while on the Boat, you will be able to play 
one of those little square puzzle games where you need to put the tiles 
in order by shifting them around. You even get 100 GP for winning!

Ganbare Goemon 2 - Super NES (Xexex)
It is in one of the booths of the amusement park stage.

Legend Of Mystical Ninja - Super NES (Life Force)
You can play "Gradius" at one of the carnival booths.

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures - Genesis (Pac-Man & Pac-Jr.)
Enter these Passwords To Play Pac-Man : "PCMN0RG"
and to Play Pac-Jr. : "PCJRDPW"

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures - Super Nintendo (Pac-Man & Ms.Pac-Man)
Enter these Passwords to play Pac-Man: "PCMNDPW" and to play 
Ms.Pac-Man: "MSPCMND"

Pokemon - Game Boy (Extra Pachislo)
There is a slot machine (Euro 'fruit machine'/Japanese 'pachislo' style) 
in one of the towns, you can go there and win pokemon. You also need to 
go there because a boss is in there.

Shining Force CD - Sega CD (a 4th game level)
In the battlefield at the top of the cliff where you fight the mage 
after chasing Graham, search the well for a ticket to the museum. This 
will enable you to play the fourth adventure after you complete the 
third one.

Spyro the Dragon - Playstation (a Crash Bandicoot 3 level)
Just press "L1" with the "Triangle" at the start screen.

Super Mario Bros.3 - NES (Original Mario Bros.)
Real easy, when you start a game, instead of choosing 1 or 2 players,
choose BATTLE mode, simple as pie !!


* Mortal Kombat 3 - Playstation (???)

* Ridge Racer - Playstation (Galaxian)

* Ridge Racer:Revolution - Playstation (Galaga)

* Tekken - Playstation (Devil Kazuya) 
  You have to go 8 perfect waves to unlock Devil Kazuya!


3.0) Credits:

* Jeff Bogumil (SMS FAQ author)
* James Carter
* Cyril Denis
* Thomas Ertresvåg
* Russell Fults		
* Eric Hamel (friend & co-author of the GG FAQ)
* Kirk Israel 
* Jon Kade
* 'kaptain' (real name?)
* Joshua Kaufman
* Andrew Krieg
* Romuald Line (French Translation of this FAQ)
* Colin Pascal
* Jacob Poon
* Joe Scoleri(the Maverick)

* E.G.M. Magazine 
* Gamepro Magazine 
* Sega Saturn Magazine 
* Alta Vista Search Browser

Thanks and see you in the next version !!!
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