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Basic Coffee terms and lingo to learn so you sound like you know what you are talking about
Americano Kind of a diluted Espresso
Barista An Espresso Expert
Brevé Any milk based Espresso using half & hald instead of milk
Cappuccino An espresso with steamed and foamed milk
Con Panna With whipped cream on top
Crema Tan/brown foam found on an Espresso surface,
Demitasse Small Espresso cup, holding 2 - 3 oz coffee
Double Two shots of coffee
Double Cupping Two cups inside each other so you don't burn your hands
Dry Without steamed milk, foam only
Grande Large size 16oz
Italian Soda Iced drink with Italian syrups and soda water
Latte Coffee with steamed Milk
Lungo A long pull of Espresso, for more caffeine
Macchiato very Small amount of steamed milk
Mocha Latte with Chocolate, with whipped cream on top usually
Quad Four shots of coffee
Short 8 oz drink
Skinny Skimmed milk
Tall 12 oz drink
Triple Three shots of coffee
Wet Hot milk only, no foam
Whipless No whipped cream
With room Cup not completely filled, leaving room for cream
With wings Take away packaging with handles