Classic Arcade Videogame Avatars

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Bagman or



Burgertime, Crazy Climber & Centipede

burgertime or crazy climber or centipede

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Disc of TRON

Disc of TRON and disc of TRON


Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong


Domino Man

Domino man or domino man

Food Fight and Frogger

food fight or frogger


Ikari Warriors and Space Invaders

ikari warriors and space invaders


Mappy and Missile Command

mappy and missile command



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Moon Patrol, Mr Do and Mr TNT

moon patrol and mr do and mr tnt


Ms. Pac-man and Nibbler

ms pacman and ms. pac-man and nibbler


Pac-man, Pengo, Pirates Treasure & Punch-out

pac-man and pengo and pengo and pirates treasure and punchout


Q*Bert, Rally-X and RBI Baseball

Qbert and rally-x and rbi baseball and rbi baseball


Ring King, Robotron, Star Castle and Sly Spy

ring king and Robotronand star castle or star castleand slyspy


Space Lord, Spectar and Spy Hunter

space lord and spectar or spectar and spy hunter


Stargate and Tapper

stargate or star gate and tapper and tapper


T-Mek and Track & Field

t-mek and track and field and and


Tron and Zaxxon

TRON or or tron and zaxxon or zaxxon

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